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Diane Ronning

Is an Author-Illustrator in the western United States

     Diane is an art teacher, author, artist, hiker and nature lover. She writes and reads stories with crazy fun characters. "Harold and the Purple Crayon" drew his own fun adventures, while Freymann and Elffers like to "Play with Your Food." She often imagines attending the dog party on that tree in "Go, Dog. Go!"

     At her home in Tucson, Arizona, she lives with her husband and many desert pets that wander in her yard. She creates by day, and goes scorpion hunting at night. Thinking of ways to create crazy good fun for children keeps her very busy.

     Diane's debut children's book illustrations in , HOW TO EAT BREAKFAST, with author, Gene Twaronite, is now available on Amazon. 

Published Work

Teachers Interaction Magazine, Concordia Publishing

LOOK, COOK, AND READ, Self-published

HOW TO EAT BREAKFAST, Lyric Power Publishing, 2020

A member of the SCBWI Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Student Comments:

Malic, grade 5

"I feel good and happy when I am making art."

Jazmine, grade 5

"I like art because you get to do a lot of fun gooey stuff."

Chase, grade 3

"Thank you for letting us have fun!"

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